Aging Eyelids

As a person grows older, the skin loses its elasticity and facial bone and fat reabsorb to create decreased volume. These natural changes result in heaviness of the upper eyelid skin, protuberance of fat pads in the upper and lower eyelids (causing bulging of the lids), and wrinkling and thinning of the eyelid skin. These changes are accentuated by sun exposure, smoking, stress, and significant weight loss.

Reducing the sagging skin and puffiness of the upper eyelids and puffiness and wrinkling of the lower eyelids can dramatically reduce the appearance of tiredness and help you look younger.*

The treatment options for the eyes consist of techniques to lift the lids (blepharoplasty), lift the droopy brow (browlift), fill the lost volume of the lower lid (tear trough correction), and improve skin texture and tone (laser resurfacing and pigment laser for dark rings).*

Aging Eyelids Treatment Options

*Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed.