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For Men

For Men

Natural Looking Cosmetic Dermatology and Plastic Surgery Options for Men

Cosmetic Procedures for MenAccording to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, about 10 percent of all cosmetic procedures performed in the US were on men — that is about 1 million cosmetic procedures. At California Skin Institute, we understand that men want to put their best face forward too. In today’s youth focused culture – the desire to look and feel young has led to an increase in demand for specialized plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures tailored just for men. At CSI, we understand the needs of men and are here to provide the best possible outcomes to look and feel younger and refreshed. *

Our expert dermatologists and plastic surgeons understand that our male patients have unique concerns about altering their appearance, and we are committed to providing expert technology and techniques to retain the masculine feature and turn back the appearance of time and aging. *

Achieving a natural look for our male patients is first priority, and if you’re a man looking for the best plastic surgeon or dermatologist to achieve a more youthful appearance, contact us today for a confidential one-on-one consultation at one of our many dermatology and plastic surgery practices across California including Alameda, Carmel, Castro Valley, Daly City, Dublin, Encinitas, Freedom, Los Altos, Modesto, Monterey – Ryan Ranch, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Pebble Beach, Redwood City, Salinas, San Francisco – Laurel Heights, San Francisco – Nob Hills, San Francisco – Pacific Heights, San Jose – Los Gatos, San Mateo, Santa Rosa, Saratoga, South San Jose, Sunnyvale and Torrance.

Cosmetic Procedures for Men

Botox for Men

Botox for Men

At California Skin Institute we’ve seen a large influx of male patients over the last few years who are turning to Botox injections to reduce the appearance of lines around the eyes and the forehead.* With specialized application methodology, we inject Botox in a way that avoids creating a fake appearance and does not affect your ability to make facial expressions.* Only the appearance of wrinkles is reduced.* The procedure takes just a few minutes.*

Facial Fillers for Men

Facial fillers for men
Men who visit California Skin Institute have found facial fillers to be an excellent way to address wrinkles caused by sagging skin and loss of fatty tissue on the face.* Facial fillers like Juvederm, Perlane and Restylane help plump up the skin with ingredients like hyaluronic acid, which can hold up to 1,000 its volume in moisture.* When injected under the skin, such facial fillers can attract moisture directly to the injection site; creating additional volume that plumps up the area and tightens skin.*

Laser Hair Removal on Men

Laser hair removal for men
Laser hair removal can be an excellent choice for men dealing with excess hair on the chest, back or arm pits.* When you visit us for this procedure, one of our medical providers will glide a specialized laser wand across the surface of your skin, using the laser bursts to target the hair follicles.* Depending on the size of the area they’re looking to treat and the thickness of the hair, many men see dramatic outcomes after just one treatment.*

miraDry for Men

Laser hair removal for men
Men can feel confident and empowered by getting excess sweating and odor under control with MiraDry.* This advanced technology uses microwave technology to target sweat glands in the armpits, without surgery!*

Men no longer have to struggle with embarrassing situations and with carrying a backup set of shirts.* Get your style and confidence back with professional miraDry treatments for men!*

CoolSculpting for Men

CoolSculpting is an FDA-approved, non surgical treatment to remove stubborn pockets of fat around the stomach.* It has proven to be a great solution for many California Skin Institute patients who simply cannot get rid of love handles and belly fat with exercise alone – no matter how much they try.* The procedure is fast, painless and requires no down time.* It typically lasts for about an hour.* And because CoolSculpting targets fat cells, the outcomes are long lasting.*


Propecia for Hair Loss in Men
For men who are not yet ready for hair transplantation surgery, California Skin Institute doctors may prescribe Propecia – a medication used to slow the progression of hair loss.* This drug, taken in pill form, changes how the body processes testosterone, and reduces the conversion of this hormone into dihydrotestosterone; a process which contributes to hair loss.* Depending on your medical history, we can help you assess whether this medication is the best solution for you and monitor your health after prescription.*

Plastic Surgery Options for Men

Hair Transplantation for Men

Hair transplantation for men
Men who suffer from a receding hairline, thinning hair and hair loss, can significantly benefit from hair transplantation surgery.* This is an outpatient procedure where hair follicles are removed from the part of the scalp with thick hair, and are implanted into balding areas.* For best outcomes, our surgeons use advanced techniques that involve implanting the hair follicles in dense clusters, and even positioning the follicles at an angle so that the hair grows in a natural direction.*

Male Pectoral Implants

Pec Implants for Men
Pectoral implants are a cosmetic procedure that has helped many men achieve a fuller chest; for more balanced upper torso aesthetics.* At California Skin Institute we have significant experience doing this procedure on an outpatient basis, and have refined the technique for outcomes that look natural and blend exceptionally well with other muscle groups, like your abs and deltoids.* The implants are fitted under the muscle tissue, so that the look and feel of your chest remains natural.* Further, we reduce the appearance of scarring by making the incision in the arm pit.*

Chest Sculpting for Man Boobs

Man Boobs Surgery
As many as 40% of men are affected by gynecomastia – or “man boobs.”* This is a condition where hormonal changes or hereditary factors cause men to accumulate excess fat deposits in the chest, creating a sagging appearance.* California Skin Institute doctors specialize in a minimally invasive treatment of this problem, by combining a number of techniques; including liposuction and skin tightening.* With a high degree of expertise, man boobs can be eliminated for a youthful, more masculine appearance.*

Eyelid Lift for Men

Eyelid Lift for Men
Your eyes are the first thing people see when they look at you, and if you’re dealing with loose, sagging skin around the eyelids, it can significantly affect how others perceive you.* Men who visit California Skin Institute for eyelid lift surgery often do so because the excess skin has caused them to look much older than they really are, and because it makes them appear tired.* Our expert surgeons have vast experience with eyelid lift surgery, to remove the appearance of excess skin in the delicate area around the eyes, with outcomes designed to look natural and take into account the shape of your face.*

Chin Implant for Men

Chin Implants for Men
The shape and size of your chin can make a big difference on the overall appearance and balance of your face.* There are many factors that come into play; the chin can be too big, too small, or have a shape that seems out of place.* In all circumstances, however, the appearance of your chin must be considered in the context of your entire face and how it will balance with your nose, eyes, and cheeks.* At California Skin Institute we can help you re-shape your chin in a way that brings better balance to the entire face.*

Face Lift for Men

Face Lift for Men
A properly-performed face lift can significantly reduce the appearance of aging, sagging skin; while avoiding the wind-swept appearance that comes from over-tightening of the skin.* When performing a face lift for men, California Skin Institute surgeons complete this procedure with the goal of helping the patient look younger.* Some patients are even candidates for the Vertical Face Lift – a procedure pioneered by one of our surgeons, Dr. Morganroth – which can be performed with local anesthesia.*

Men’s Nose Job

Nose Job for Men
Whether hereditary or due to an injury, imperfections on the nose can drastically affect the appearance of your face.* California Skin Institute surgeons can re-shape your nose in a variety of ways, including the adjustment of the tip of the nose, as well as the bridge.* Our doctors strive to make the changes as subtle as possible; to remove the imperfections while retaining as much of the original shape and balance in the face as possible.* In many instances, this procedure can even be performed under mild sedation.*

Neck Lift for Men

Neck Lift for Men
Excess fat and sagging skin around neck and under the chin can make you look much older than you really are.* To help men who are dealing with this problem, California Skin Institute surgeons use a combination of liposuction and muscle tightening techniques to remove the excess skin and fat, and to contour the neck.* When performed by an expert surgeon, this procedure can yield stunning outcomes that dramatically improve the appearance not just of the neck, but also of the face.*

*Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed.

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