Welcome Rafael A. Schulze, MD

We’re pleased to announce the addition of Rafael A. Schulze, M.D. to the California Skin Institute. Rafael A. Schulze, M.D. is a board certified dermatologist. He graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Engineering Management (Mechanical) from United State Military Academy. Prior to medical school, Dr Schulze spent several years in remote rural areas in Republic of Panama where he completed numerous humanitarian construction projects rebuilding clinics, schools and farm-to-market roads shortly after Gen. Manuel Noriega’s capture. He received his doctoral degree in medicine, magna cum laude, from University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine.

Free Skin Cancer Screening Pays Off

Almost seven percent diagnosed with cancer; 45 percent referred for additional consultation. The statistics didn’t surprise the dermatologists who turned out to provide free skin cancer screenings at El Camino Hospital on Saturday, May 17th–but they certainly shocked the 21 persons–about 7% of the 293 people screened–who received “presumptive diagnoses” of skin cancer at the event. In total, 45% of Saturday’s participants were referred for additional consultation or a biopsy. While none of these may actually result in a cancer diagnosis, all of them reflect skin conditions of concern to the examining doctors.

No Mercy for Skin Cancer

They grew up using terms like “healthy tan” and thinking that the first sunburn of the season was a necessary step to lay a base for summer tans. Now, older generations of Americans are paying the price as that early sun damage leads to more and more skin cancer. Yet if recent statistics gathered by the CDC are any indication, many of them still haven’t adjusted their behavior.