Michelle Evans, BA, LE, CMT

Michelle Evans, BA, LE, CMT, CA Plastic Surgery

California Skin Institute – Clinical Aesthetician in San Jose

Michelle Evans, BA, LE, CMT is a clinical aesthetician with a strong foundation in corrective skincare and advanced modalities for over ten years. She graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Molecular and Cell Biology, and has worked in research and development for several years as a cosmetic chemist. She continues to do research in the lab with new product formulations and skin care technology advances. Michelle focuses on client education and understanding, making the science behind skin care easily accessible. One of her main goals is to achieve the maximum outcomes while minimizing inflammation.* She believes in the blending of corrective treatments with a holistic approach, bringing a healing touch to her treatments as a state certified massage therapist.*

Michelle has been a Saratoga resident for 22 years, is currently experiencing the joys and challenges of raising a teenage daughter, and continues to pursue the task of creating delectable gluten-free baked goods that do not have the density of a brick.

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