Fraxel Repair

Fraxel re:pairCalifornia Skin Institute patients who are dealing with severe acne scars, wrinkles and fine lines, hyperpigmentation, or other visible skin damage may be good candidates for treatments with the Fraxel Repair Laser. This device is an ablative laser that was designed to provide dramatic laser skin resurfacing results. However, though Fraxel Repair Laser is meant for an aggressive treatment, it is a safe procedure, when performed by the expert providers at California Skin Institute. Our providers are highly trained in laser skin resurfacing treatments, and have helped thousands of patients with laser technology like the Fraxel Repair Laser.

How the Fraxel Repair Laser Works

The Fraxel Repair Laser is an ablative laser that works by vaporizing a portion of the skin cells in the treatment area. This approach has several benefits for California Skin Institute patients.

Firstly, some of the previously-damaged skin cells (which account for dull skin and hyperpigmentation, among other issues) are completely destroyed by the laser. This means that some of the hyperpigmentation from acne scars, melasma, or liver spots can be directly removed.

Secondly, the micro skin damage caused by the laser stimulates the body’s immune system to repair the damage. In the process, new, healthy skin cells are produced, as well as additional collagen fibers that improve the skin’s support network.

Further, it is important to note that unlike earlier laser technology that sometimes treated the entire surface area, the Fraxel Repair is a fractional laser. This means that light wavelengths are delivered to the skin according to a specialized micro grid. By doing this, damage is caused only to a fraction of the skin, while the surrounding tissue remains healthy. This type of technology has been shown to reduce overall healing times and side effects, while still providing dramatic results.

What the Fraxel Repair Laser Treats

California Skin Institute providers use the Fraxel Repair Laser to treat a number of skin conditions, including; fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, dark spots on face, and other hyperpigmentation.

In some ways, the Fraxel Repair Laser is similar to aggressive chemical peels, and works on the same premise of removing dead and damaged skin cells, so that healthy cells can grow in its place.

Is the Fraxel Repair Laser Safe?

The Fraxel Repair Laser is a powerful technology that must be used with great care. In the hands of California Skin Institute providers, this laser treatment is very safe because our providers have extensive training in how to administer this laser treatment, and have used their expertise to help countless patients.

Further, in addition to proper laser treatment techniques, California Skin Institute providers have extensive experience in assessing your skin type and skin care needs to ensure that the Fraxel Repair Laser is the right option for you.

How Long do Fraxel Repair Laser Results Last?

Fraxel Repair Laser results can be very dramatic after just one treatment. Although immediate results may be visible after just a few weeks (after the skin has visibly healed from the treatment), full results will appear approximately 3-6 months after treatment, when the healing is fully completed.

What to Expect During Treatment

During Fraxel Repair Laser treatment at California Skin Institute, your provider will use protective eyewear to keep your eyes safe, and will administer a numbing cream to reduce potential discomfort. In some cases, a local anesthetic may be used to ensure patient comfort.

The Fraxel Repair Laser treatment duration will vary based on the size of the area being treated. After treatment is complete, it’s vital that you stay out of the sun for at least 48-72 hours, and may need to take 1-2 weeks away from work or social events.

Fraxel Repair Laser Side Effects

During the first 48 hours after treatment, it is common for patients to notice oozing, crusting, and severe redness. Although the oozing and crusting should subside within 2-7 days, the redness and swelling can last for several weeks, depending on the patient. To ensure faster healing, your California Skin Institute provider will advise you on the best after-care practices during your consultation.

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