VersaPulse is a highly effective green light laser, routinely utilized by California Skin Institute providers to help patients address vascular lesions. This laser technology effectively coagulates blood vessels on the face and body, to treat issues like spider veins, Rosacea, broken capillaries, and much more. If you are struggling with vascular lesions, the expert providers at California Skin Institute can help you understand your treatment options and whether VersaPulse is the optimal choice for you. To schedule your VersaPulse consultation, please call one of the California Skin Institute practices listed at the bottom of the page, or schedule your appointment online.

How the VersaPulse Works

The VersaPulse is a specialized green light laser that is primarily used to treat vascular lesions. The technology is able to target blood vessels under the skin and treat problems like spider veins and broken capillaries by coagulating the vessels.

After the vessels are sealed off, they are slowly broken down by the body’s natural processes, and eventually disappear completely.

What makes VersaPulse so effective at treating vascular lesions is the laser’s ability to target blood vessels. By using specific laser light wavelengths, your California Skin Institute provider can target the vessels, while leaving the surrounding tissues unharmed.

What the VersaPulse Treats

The expert providers at California Skin Institute have used the VersaPulse laser to help thousands of patients address problems like spider veins, red stretch marks, Rosacea, and vascular birthmarks.

Because of the VersaPulse laser’s ability to target blood vessels, virtually any skin redness resulting from dilated blood vessels can be treated by this technology. In some instances, varicose veins may also be treated by this laser.

Due to the laser’s design and cooling technology, the VersaPulse can be used on virtually any part of the body.

Is VersaPulse Safe?

VersaPulse is a very safe technology, and is a significant improvement over early generation vascular lasers, which carried a risk of damaging the skin above the blood vessel. To improve patient safety and minimize risk of damage, the VersaPulse is designed with a specialized cooling tip that keeps the skin cool as the laser passes into the vessel. This ensures that energy is focused on the blood vessel, and doesn’t cause damage to the surrounding tissues.

To maximize patient safety further, California Skin Institute providers have undergone extensive training with the VersaPulse and other laser devices, and have vast experience helping patients address a wide array of problems.

How Long do Treatment Results Last?

Treating vascular lesions with the VersaPulse laser produces virtually permanent results. As the blood vessel is coagulated, it immediately disappears from view, and can no longer be seen on the surface of the skin. Many California Skin Institute patients are surprised at the immediate effects upon completion of the treatment.

Although treatment results are typically immediate, your body may in some cases be able to re-open the blood vessels, as it attempts to heal the area. Therefore, some patients may need 2-3 treatments to permanently remove the vessels or broken capillaries.

What to Expect During Treatment?

When you begin VersaPulse treatment, your California Skin Institute provider will numb the area with a local anesthetic or numbing cream, to increase your comfort. Protective eyewear will also be provided to you, to ensure your eyes are safe.

When the treatment starts, your provider will gently guide the laser across the skin and deliver bursts of energy to the problematic blood vessels. During this phase, you may feel a mild sensation similar to a pinprick. However, the treatment is not painful and most California Skin Institute patients feel no discomfort.

After the treatment is complete, you may experience mild redness and swelling in the treatment area, as your body reacts to the coagulation of the vessels.

VersaPulse Side Effects

VersaPulse is a relatively gentle treatment, and isn’t associated with serious side effects. This laser does not vaporize the skin – the way a resurfacing laser does – and focuses strictly on the dilated blood vessels under the skin. You may experience some redness in the area after treatment, which will resolve within a few days.

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