Isolaz Acne Therapy

Isolaz is one of many treatment options available at our San Jose practice for patients who are struggling with acne. There are several features that have made this device an excellent choice for acne treatment, including fast treatment sessions, low instances of side effects, and no down time. Additionally, acne sufferers who visit California Skin Institute’s San Jose practice for Isolaz treatments will be happy to learn that the procedure is very comfortable and painless.

If you’re suffering from acne and would like to schedule an Isolaz consultation with one of our expert providers, please call our San Jose practice at (408) 369-5600, or use the online scheduling portal.

What Isolaz Treats

The Isolaz device is designed specifically for treating active acne by clearing out pores and destroying acne-causing bacteria. This process helps cure existing acne and reduce future breakouts.

However, it’s important to note that the device does not directly treat acne scars. For patients who would like to address scarring from breakouts, California Skin Institute providers can administer treatments such as glycolic acid peels, TCA peels, laser skin resurfacing, and intense pulsed light therapy, among others.

How Isolaz Works

The main cause of acne is the clogging of pores. This is the result of hormonal factors that elicit a change the how cells within hair follicles behave. Further, such changes are often accompanied by an increase of sebum production by the sebaceous glands.

Unfortunately, this process creates the perfect breeding grounds for acne-causing bacteria, which consume the oil produced by our skin and thrive in the oxygen-poor environment inside the clogged follicle.

Isolaz acne treatments at our San Jose practice address this process in two ways. Firstly, the hand applicator will gently tug on your skin; a process which helps unclog pores by pulling sebum plugs out of your pores. Secondly, this process is augmented by bursts of bright, broadband light, which kills acne-causing bacteria.

In addition, CSI providers at our San Jose practice can perform profusions with the Isolaz device. This final step uses suction to deliver acne-fighting ingredients deep into the skin, to promote healthy pores.

Is Isolaz Safe?

Yes! Isolaz treatments at our San Jose practice are very safe and comfortable. Because there is no skin ablation or physical exfoliation involved, there is virtually no recovery time involved and no need to take time off work or school.

How Long do Isolaz Treatments Results Last?

A typical patient will need approximately five treatments, spaced roughly one week apart, to see the best results with this procedure. Every successive treatment kills more bacteria and further cleans your pores, to allow your skin to heal acne.

After the initial set of procedures has been completed, most patients choose to visit CSI San Jose for monthly Isolaz treatments, to maintain results.

What to Expect During Isolaz Treatment

Because treatments are so comfortable, patients don’t need to plan ahead or make special arrangements. In fact, many California Skin Institute patients can undergo Isolaz treatments during their lunch break.

After you arrive, you will be asked to sit in a reclining procedure chair, and one of our expert providers will cleanse your face to increase the effectiveness of treatment. (Although your face will be cleansed before treatment, it’s a good idea to avoid applying any makeup in the morning on day of the procedure.) You will also be provided with special eye shields to protect against the bursts of bright light.

Once the treatment begins, your CSI San Jose provider will press the Isolaz hand piece against your skin, and you will feel gentle tugging sensation (this is the step that dislodges the pore plugs). A few moments later, a burst of broadband light will be emitted (this step kills the acne bacteria). Your provider will continue this process across the entire treatment area.

After the procedure has been completed, your provider may also administer special Isolaz profusions, which will deliver ingredients like salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide deep into the skin, to promote healthy pores and kill more bacteria.

When the procedure has been completed, you will be able to go about the rest of your daily routine.

Isolaz Side Effects

When performed by the expert providers at California Skin Institute – San Jose, Isolaz treatments are very safe and are not associated with any serious side effects. The only visible sign of the procedure will be slight skin redness from the gentle tugging and from administering acne-fighting ingredients.

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