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Arm Lift

Brachioplasty (Arm Lift)

When there is good skin elasticity, an arm lift can reduce arm size simply by suctioning the fat from underneath the skin with liposuction.* When there is significant skin laxity, however—from sun exposure, aging, or weight loss—then arm skin needs to be reduced by surgery.* The position and length of the scar may vary depending on the existing skin laxity and fat accumulation.* While there are short scar approaches to moderate skin looseness, extensive skin laxity that extends from the axilla to the elbow requires a longer incision for correction.* It extends along the inner aspect of the arm from the axilla to the elbow, and a piece of skin and fat is removed. Often liposuction is performed first to remove fat from under the arm before the excess skin is excised.* The skin is then closed using plastic surgical techniques. A compression garment needs to be worn during recovery.*

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