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Belotero Balance

Belotero Balance, California Skin Skin Insititute

Treatments with Belotero® filler can be used to address many types of wrinkles and skin creases, such as smile lines, lip wrinkles, nasolabial folds, and vertical lip lines.* California Skin Institute providers can even use this dermal filler for eye trough treatments; to achieve a more rested appearance.* In most cases, Belotero® is best utilized when the problem is caused by loss of volume beneath the skin, or by loss of skin laxity.*

What is Belotero®?

Belotero Balance® is a dermal filler that leverages water-attracting properties of hyaluronic acid to add volume to the treatment area with outcomes that look natural and elegant.* However, like all hyaluronic acid fillers, this dermal filler must be administered with great care, by an expert who has extensive training and experience.*

To achieve this high skill level, California Skin Institute providers have undergone extensive training to hone their expertise and provide Belotero® outcomes that look natural.* Our founding physician, Dr. Morganroth, is a national trainer for several dermal fillers and injectables (like Kybella) and invests significant effort to ensure that all of our providers are up to date on the latest dermal filler injection techniques and best after care practices.*

belotero before and after 2
* Actual Belotero patient. Individual results may vary. Photo courtesy of Belotero.

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How Belotero® Works

The active ingredient in Belotero® is hyaluronic acid. One of the benefits of using dermal fillers with this chemical is that it occurs naturally in the body, so the chances of an allergic reaction are very low.*

The prized quality of hyaluronic acid is its ability to attract moisture.* When the Belotero® gel is injected into the skin, the hyaluronic acid draws moisture to the treatment area, thus creating volume that provides support for the skin, thereby reducing wrinkles and creases.*

Belotero before and after 1
* Actual Belotero patient. Individual results may vary. Photo courtesy of Belotero.

What Belotero® Treats

Belotero® is commonly used to treat wrinkles around the mouth; like smile lines, nasolabial folds and marionette lines.* These wrinkles often form because of repeated facial movements, and are exacerbated by the thinning of the skin and the loss of fatty tissue.* By administering the Belotero® gel into the treatment site, a lot of that lost volume can be replaced, thus easing the appearance of wrinkles.*

belotero before and after 3
* Actual Belotero patient. Individual results may vary. Photo courtesy of Belotero.

Other California Skin Institute patients get Belotero Balance® as an eye trough treatment.* This is a problem wherein the loss of volume under the eyes can create the appearance of deep lines. Such occurrences can either be hereditary or brought on by age. By carefully injecting Belotero® into these areas, the hollow appearance can be significantly reduced.*

How Long Does Belotero® Last?

No two patients are alike, but Belotero® outcomes tend to last approximately 6 months or more.*1 The actual duration will depend on many factors, including how much of this filler was used, your unique biology, and the severity of the original problem. For example, a patient dealing with very light wrinkles around the mouth may experience outcomes that last longer than a patient with very deep wrinkles.*

belotero before and after 4
* Actual Belotero patient. Individual results may vary. Photo courtesy of Belotero.

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What to Expect During Belotero® Treatment

When you visit California Skin Institute for Belotero Balance® treatments, your medical provider will first assess your skin to ensure that this is the best dermal filler for your situation.*

Once the treatment starts, your provider will use a very small needle to inject Belotero® gel into the treatment site.* It is often best to use many small injections, as this provides for an outcome that looks much more natural.*

The improvement will appear almost immediately, as the gel fills up the volume beneath the skin.* However, the best improvement will typically become visible after a few days.*

Please make sure to avoid strenuous activity for 24 hours after treatment, and don’t rub the treatment site for 24-48 hours, as this could potentially displace the gel.*

Does Belotero® Hurt?

California Skin Institute patients enjoy Belotero® injections with very little discomfort as our providers will use a numbing cream or a topical anesthetic before administering injections.*

If you’d like to learn more about Belotero Balance® and what it can do for your skin, call a California Skin Institute practice near you, or fill out the Contact Form below!

References: 1. Review of key Belotero Balance safety and efficacy trials. Lorenc ZP, Fagien S, Flynn TC, Waldorf HA. 2013

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