California Skin Institute will soon offer Volift, a new dermal filler from Juvederm that is in the final stages of FDA approval.

Having been used in Europe for several years, Volift offers additional options for increasing facial volume and reducing wrinkles in a more nuanced, subtle way. This gel-like filler has a somewhat smoother consistency because it utilizes less hyaluronic acid to add volume under the skin. This is achieved by combining hyaluronic acid molecules of high and low molecular weight.

Further, Volift is also formulated with lidocaine, for increased comfort during and after the procedure, and may last for up to 15 months.

When Vollure is approved by the FDA, California Skin Institute will be one of the first practices in the Unites States to offer it. CSI providers will be able to use this filler to help patients address issues like facial wrinkles and volume loss.

Volift is just one of many effective injectables developed by Allergan, the trusted name behind treatments like Botox and the Juvederm family of fillers.

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