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The Cutera XEO laser is a versatile device that can be used to address a number of aesthetic concerns, including sun damage and unwanted hair. Through a number of attachments and calibration settings, this laser gives your California Skin Institute provider extensive options for developing a treatment plan customized to your unique needs. If you’re experiencing skin concerns like age spots, sun damage or unwanted hair, please schedule your consultation by contacting one of the California Skin Institute practices listed below, or schedule your appointment online.*

How the Cutera XEO Works

Cutera XEO was designed to give your provider many options for developing a customized laser skin treatment plan. At the core of this device is a powerful laser technology that can be custom-tailored with a variety of attachments and settings that adjust the wavelengths delivered to the skin. This is a vital feature, as the wavelength will dictate how deeply the laser penetrates and what structures it will affect.*

For example, Cutera XEO can be fine-tuned to target the pigment clusters that are responsible for age spots (also known as liver spots), target the collagen structures in the skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, or target the hair follicles for laser hair removal.* Depending on your unique needs, your California Skin Institute provider will calibrate the laser for best outcomes.

What the Cutera XEO Treats

The Cutera XEO laser can be used to treat a number of skin conditions, including age spots, sun damage, Rosacea, and unwanted hair.*

To ensure the best treatment option for your unique situation, your California Skin Institute provider will make a detailed assessment and will develop a customized treatment plan that considers your skin’s unique needs and your medical history.*

Is Cutera XEO Safe?

When administered by the laser experts, like the providers at California Skin Institute, treatments with Cutera XEO are safe and comfortable. Our providers are highly trained in assessing skin problems and in using a number of laser technologies to achieve favorable aesthetic outcomes.

How Long do Treatment Results Last?

The results from laser treatments with Cutera XEO will depend on the specific issue being treated.*

What to Expect During Treatment?

When you visit California Skin Institute for a Cutera XEO laser consultation, your provider will make a careful assessment of your current skin condition, to determine whether this laser treatment option is the best choice in your situation. Our providers are highly experienced with laser skin treatments using a wide array of devices, and will help you select the best treatment option to accommodate your current skin care needs.*

Before the Cutera XEO treatment starts, you will be provided with special protective eyewear, to ensure your safety.

How the treatment is carried out will depend on the actual skin issue being addressed and the laser attachment being used. However, any discomfort is minimal.*

Cutera XEO Side Effects

The side effects from Cutera XEO are typically very minimal, but will depend on the specific skin problem being addressed.* For example, more aggressive treatments may cause redness and mild swelling, while other treatments may leave no visible signs.*

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