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Forehead Reduction

Forehead reduction is a procedure designed to reduce the size of the forehead in relation to the rest of the face.* California Skin Institute providers often get this request from patients who feel that the size of their forehead may be disproportionately large.* To address this issue, our providers can use a variety of forehead reduction techniques to bring more balance to the face, lower the hairline, and create an appearance that the patient finds more aesthetically pleasing.* Of course, every patient’s situation is different, but generally, California Skin Institute providers can use either a surgical technique that pulls the scalp forward, hair transplantation, or a combination of the two.*

How Forehead Reduction Works

The idea behind forehead reduction is to decrease the size of the forehead by lowering the hairline.* This effect can be achieved in two ways; surgically moving the hairline and the scalp lower or using hair transplantation.*

During surgical forehead reduction, an incision is made at the hair line.* The excess skin is removed from the forehead, and the scalp is repositioned so that the hairline appears lower.* The degree to which this repositioning can occur will depend on the laxity of the scalp.* A brow lift can also be effectively combined with this procedure.

Once the hairline has been lowered, your California Skin Institute surgeon will suture the incision in such a way that hides the scar under the hairline.* To further hide the scar, your surgeon may perform micro hair transplantation at the incision site, in order to increase the hair density in the area.*

As an alternative to the surgical repositioning of the scalp, your California Skin Institute provider may suggest using hair transplantation as the primary method of lowering the hairline.* In this case, the scalp will not be stretched and there will be no incision at the hairline.* Instead, the surgeon will transplant hair follicles from other parts of the scalp into the forehead, thus extending the hair line lower.*

What Forehead Reduction Treats

At California Skin Institute we find that the best candidates for forehead reduction are individuals who have a larger/taller forehead due to genetic factors.* Such patients typically have sufficient hair density and hair loss is usually not a factor in the size of the forehead, which makes the outcomes more long lasting.*

In some cases, a tall forehead can be the result of a poorly-performed surgical procedure in the past. If your previous surgeon caused your forehead to appear enlarged, please contact the experts at California Skin Institute for options in repairing this problem.*

Our surgeons can also perform forehead reduction for individuals with a receding hairline.* However, it’s important to note that such treatments may need to be repeated in situations where the forehead size has increased due to a receding hairline, as the hair loss is likely to continue in the future.* For patients with a receding hair line hair transplantation may be a more viable long term option.*

Is Forehead Reduction Safe?

Yes, forehead reduction performed by California Skin Institute surgeons is a safe procedure that can produce dramatic improvement.* As with any surgery, there is always a risk of infection, but your provider will discuss after care procedures in great length to significantly reduce chances of any potential side effects.*

How Soon Will Forehead Reduction Results Appear?

The results of forehead reduction surgery will depend on the specific procedure performed.* With the surgical stretching of the scalp, the hairline is fully repositioned after the procedure is complete.* The area will simply need time to heal, for any redness to dissipate, and for the scar to fade (scars are minimally visible after surgery, and can fade almost completely after several months).*

With hair transplantation, the improvement will take several months to appear, as the transplanted hair will need time to grow.*

Forehead Reduction Side Effects

Side effects from forehead reduction surgery often manifest due to the inexperience of the surgeon. For example, is the hair density of the scalp is relatively low, any stretching of the scalp can further reduce hair density, making the hair appear as if it is thinning.

Further, if hair transplantation is used, it is vital for the follicles to be implanted at the right angles, so that they complement the natural flow of your hair.* If it isn’t implanted correctly, the hair at the treatment site will be more difficult to manage, and can appear fake.

At California Skin Institute we are experts when it comes to creating forehead reduction outcomes that look natural.* Please call a California Skin Institute practice below to schedule your consultation, or simply fill out the Contact Form!

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