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Gemini Laser

California Skin Institute providers have helped thousands of patients address skin problems with Gemini laser treatments.* This advanced laser system can be used for a wide range of skin pigmentation and lesion issues, including hyperpigmentation, port wine stains, dark spots on the face and hands, broken capillaries, and even hair removal.*1 The Gemini laser is a versatile treatment option, and in many cases can achieve dramatic improvements after just one treatment session. If you’re interested in addressing problems like spider veins, dark spots, broken capillaries, or other skin damage, please contact one of the California Skin Institute practices listed below, or schedule your appointment online.*

How the Gemini Laser Works

The Gemini laser works on two laser wavelengths: 532 nanometers and 1064 nanometers. These two wavelengths are able to target pigment within the skin and within broken capillaries, to target a variety of damaged cells.*

When administering laser treatments with the Gemini device, your California Skin Institute provider will typically use the 532 nanometer setting to target issues near the surface. The 1064 nanometer wavelength can penetrate more deeply into the skin, to address blood vessels and lesions at deeper layers.*

What the Gemini Laser Treats

California Skin Institute providers use the Gemini laser to address a variety of issues, like age spots, sun damage, and spider veins, to name a few.*1

The laser may be effective for such problems because it is able to specifically target pigment at the treatment site, without damaging healthy tissues.

For example, when treating spider veins on the nose, face, or other parts of the body, your California Skin Institute provider can use the Gemini laser to collapse the problematic blood vessels.* The laser achieves this by targeting the pigment within the broken capillaries, without affecting the surrounding healthy skin cells.*

Port wine stains are another problem that can be caused by superficial blood vessels. It is often a hereditary concern that can be treated with the Gemini laser.* The blood vessels will be damaged by the laser, and eventually removed from the body by natural processes.

Is the Gemini Laser Safe?

Yes, the Gemini laser is a safe device, especially when the treatment is administered by the highly-knowledgeable providers at California Skin Institute. During the procedure, you will also be provided with protective eye wear.

Although treatment with the Gemini laser can produce mild discomfort, most California Skin Institute patients easily handle the procedure. Most patients report a mild stinging sensation during treatment.

How Long do Treatment Results Last?

The number of necessary laser skin treatments will depend on the severity of your condition. For example, many spider veins can be removed after just one treatment. Port wine stains, on the other hand, may need multiple treatments, for an aesthetically pleasing outcome.*

What to Expect During Treatment?

When you visit California Skin Institute for a Gemini laser treatment, your provider will make a careful assessment of your skin concerns to determine if this skin laser is the best choice for you.*

To start the treatment, your provider will first apply a special gel to the treatment site, which will protect the skin surface and increase comfort. Once the treatment starts, you will feel a mild stinging or snapping sensation, as the laser delivers energy to the skin.

Duration of the procedure will depend on the size of the treatment area. However, most treatments take less than 30 minutes.

Gemini Laser Side Effects

The Gemini laser does not cause any major side effects or discomfort after treatment. Unlike laser skin resurfacing, this laser does not cause skin peeling.* Most California Skin Institute patients will experience mild redness and stinging after treatment, which will subside after several days. An ice pack can be used to reduce these symptoms.*

To learn more about the Gemini laser, please contact one of the California Skin Institute practices listed below, or fill out the Contact Form.

References: 1.  Combination 532-nm and 1064-nm lasers for noninvasive skin rejuvenation and toning. Lee MW 2003

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