Sweat Gland Liposuction

Treating Excessive Sweating

In patients with excessive perspiration of the underarms unresponsive to conservative treatments such as topical agents and Botox®, tumescent liposuction is an effective long-term solution.

The Sweat Gland Liposuction Procedure

The underarm area is numbed with a dilute lidocaine (local anesthetic) solution through two tiny stab incisions that do not require sutures. Special liposuction cannulae are used to scrape the underside of the skin where sweat glands are located. Normal activities can be resumed within one or two days and perspiration will cease almost immediately.

In some patients, perspiration returns after a few months, however it is typically more of a normal pattern of perspiration. These patients can be treated with liposuction again or have a single Botox® treatment for more persistent elimination of perspiration.

Conditions that Sweat Gland Liposuction may treat

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