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Precision Tx™

Precision Tx™, California Skin Skin Insititute

Now there is a way to enhance your look without a surgical facelift!* California Skin Institute offers Precision Tx – a new laser treatment that enables minimally invasive smaller area contouring – such as neck, jowls and jaw line to give you outcomes with little downtime.*

1 This one-time laser procedure is performed in the comfort of your doctor’s office with cutting edge laser technology that delivers the laser energy precisely to the target tissue.* The entire procedure takes an hour and it gives you outcomes that continue to improve over time*2.

1 Gentile, R. Laser-assisted neck lift: high tech contouring and tightening. Facial Plast Surg. 2011: 27:331-345
2 DiBernardo, BE. “Randomized, blinded split abdomen study evaluating skin shrinkage and skin tightening in laser-assisted liposuction versus liposuction control,” Aesth Surg J. 2010;30:593-602″

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Precision Tx™?

Precision Tx™ is cutting edge laser technology that enables a new minimally invasive laser procedure for small area contouring – such as jowls, jaw line and neck.* Precision Tx™ treatment can give you a more defined look without a surgical face-lift.*

How does Precision Tx™ treatment work?

The treatment area is numbed and tiny incisions are made to fit a very small cannula with a laser fiber, about the size of the tip of a pen, underneath your skin. When thermally controlled laser energy is delivered to the treatment area to stimulate collagen production in the dermis.*

1,2 What does the treatment feel like?

As the area is numbed with local anesthesia, there is minimal discomfort during the procedure. Like any other minimally invasive procedure, you may feel a light pressure during the treatment and some soreness afterwards.* Patients should be able to return to your normal activities in a few days, depending on each patient’s unique situation and treatment plan.*

How long does the treatment take?

The treatment takes about one hour and it is performed in your doctor’s office.*

How often does the treatment need to be repeated?

Precision Tx™ is a one-time treatment.

3,4How much does the treatment cost?

Precision Tx™ is a very precise and individualized laser treatment, and the price varies depending on the treatment area. A physician must to see the prospective patient first to provide an accurate quote after the consultation.

*Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed.

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4 Sasaki, Gordon H. MD, FACS. Clinical experience with the SideLaze800™ fiber and the 1440nm wavelength Smartlipo TriPlex workstation for for facial contouring, 2012 White Paper. 12 patient study. Data on file.

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