Chin Augmentation surgery is known as mentoplasty. Chin surgery is a procedure that aims at either reshaping the chin either by enhancement with an implant or it’s a reduction surgery on the bone. It is not uncommon for a plastic surgeon to recommend chin surgery to a patient having nose surgery in order to achieve facial proportion since the size of the chin may make the perceived size of the nose bigger or smaller. In most cases chin surgery gives the face more balance.

A chin that is defined helps give balance to the face and influences how a person’s profile looks. Usually, people when they look in the mirror, focus on the size and shape of their noses, their ears or fine wrinkling of the skin. Not a lot of them pay attention to their chins with the same sort of focus. But having a weak chin or a double chin is not an asset.

A nice balanced profile can usually be achieved by inserting an implant in the chin. Another procedure involves moving the bone forward to build up a receding chin. Also the chin reduction of a jutting or too prominent chin is possible in chin surgery. This is usually done by submental liposuction where excess fatty tissue is removed to redefine the chin or neckline of the patient. Sometimes if there’s a contributing problem of birth defects in the structure of the jaw itself, chin surgery of the jaw will improve how the face looks and functions.

About the Chin Reconstruction Examples

The following photos of chin reconstruction surgery are real and unaltered. Do not view them unless you are prepared to see graphic images including skin wounds and surgical procedures.

The objectives of these slide shows are to introduce you to Dr. Morganroth’s unique facial reconstruction procedures and provide you with a greater understanding of the final results that he can achieve despite significant tissue loss.

These cases do not represent the typical, small, and simple reconstructions representative of the majority of Mohs surgery patients. Instead, they illustrate some of the larger defects and more advanced and proprietary reconstruction techniques. They do not necessarily represent your skin cancer, defect diameter or depth, or the reconstruction choice and outcome.

To view our before and after presentation on Chin Reconstructive Surgery, please click the highlighted link below. These examples were performed by Dr. Greg Morganroth of the California Skin Institute.

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