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California Skin Institute’s medical providers offer MicroPen micro needling as an option for treating acne scars and wrinkles.* This procedure is relatively quick, and can be performed in approximately one hour when treating the entire face.* Further, it carries very little down time and clients can typically go back to their regular skin care routines the very next .* For enhanced outcomes, our medical providers can even combine MicroPen micro needling with other treatments, like wet needling for deeper skin serum penetration or stem cell application for improved skin health.*

How MicroPen Micro Needling Works

At the very core, the MicroPen treats skin problems by stimulating the body’s natural healing response.* It does so by using small needles to create tiny puncture wounds in the skin. However, because the needles don’t penetrate too deeply, the recovery time is short and the procedure can typically be performed quite often; every 4-6 .*

The MicroPen is an FDA-approved hand-held device that has a disposable set of needles at the very tip. This “pen” moves the needles back and forth very quickly, which significantly reduces any pain or discomfort associated with the procedure.

Further, this rapid movement and rotation of the needles allows your California Skin Institute medical provider to create hundreds of micro channels in the skin very quickly – which means the entire face can sometimes be treated in less than an hour.

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To customize treatments, the MicroPen micro needling system has adjustable setting for the depth of the needle penetration. This means your medical provider can adjust the procedure to your comfort level, as well as achieve deeper penetration for more troublesome areas, like deep wrinkles.*

Lastly, the MicroPen provides another benefit, in addition to stimulating the body’s healing response; the micro channels allow for deeper penetration by skin care serums and other products. For example, a California Skin Institute provider may perform wet-needling, by combining the procedure with a serum. The needles will push the serum deeper into the skin as the puncture wounds are created, which will help the serum ingredients penetrate more deeply.*1

Or, a stem cell solution may be applied to the skin after treatment; to boost the healing process and production of new, healthy skin.*1 The micro channels created by MicroPen micro needling will make it much easier for the stem cell treatment to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, where collagen and elastin fibers form.*

What the MicroPen Treats

MicroPen micro needling has a of benefits that can improve the appearance of your skin with regular treatment.* As a maintenance tool, the MicroPen may improve skin texture, reduce rough spots, and stimulate the production of collagen to increase skin elasticity.*

However, this procedure can also address more specific skin problems, like acne scars, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation.* By stimulating the body’s natural healing response in targeted areas, the MicroPen can facilitate the natural removal of damaged cells.* For example, when dealing with acne scars or other deep hyperpigmentation, clients can typically expect to see improvement in skin texture after several treatments.*2

Further, because of its versatility, the MicroPen can be used on all parts of the body, including for neck and chest wrinkles, stretch marks or scars on these areas.*

Recovery Time

Recovery after a MicroPen treatment is relatively short, with most redness and discomfort subsiding within 24 hours. Of course every client is different, and those with sensitive skin may experience discomfort a little longer. However, most individuals can resume their regular skin care and makeup routine the very next .*

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If you’re interested in the MicroPen micro needling procedure, please schedule a consultation with one of our medical providers at a practice near you, or just fill out the Contact Form below!

*Individual may vary and are not guaranteed.

References: 1.  Split Face Comparative Study of Microneedling with PRP Versus Microneedling with Vitamin C in Treating Atrophic Post Acne Scars. Simran Chawla.  2.  Microneedling Therapy in Atrophic Facial Scars: An Objective Assessment. Imran Majid.

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